The story

Ranking the Most Valued Messages in the World, for Trees.

It started as a joke.

But as we all know, there's a grain of truth in every joke. In early 2021 Niels sold his advertising company to pursue something different, something good. He had a lot of time on his hands and so he came up with ''.

The 'mechanism' of the website should be at least as crazy as the society in which we live. But then used for the right purpose; Trees.

Messages are everywhere.

Everyone’s got a message to share; brands, communities, opinions. The internet is a tsunami of messages. Messages that tell you to think, act or look a certain way. You can’t escape messages. So what do we do? We rank them!

We love the internet to death.

Do you remember the first time you Googled yourself and that we didn’t call it ‘Googling’ back then? The web was a new dimension. A portal to a new universe for ideas, fun and experimentation. Nothing came close and it rocked our worlds!

The funny mirror of reality.

The potential was mind blowing so we loved the early internet to death. The purity, naïvety and absurdness of those early days. But this web, this mirror of reality, has become a virus in the modern me! The web has become a reactive big data stalker. A gatling gun firing messages with manipulations, limitations and emotions 24/7 on behalf of the highest bidder. Yeah - what the fuck. The web has become as much a problem as it was going to be a solution.

Ditch the rat race

Almost everything in our society is aimed at getting on top. After all, standing still is going backwards. But does that actually apply when we look at emissions, pollution, waste and the use of natural resources?

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a good economy or growth. But only pursuing economic growth is not right.

Get On Top.

That’s why we created GOT. Simple internet immortality. Because heroes deserve a place on the net! Connecting, rather than dividing people. Post your message and become GOT!


And the best thing is that it’s all for a good cause! Posting your message means trees will be planted and your name will be heard. And so the planet profits thus everyone wins. Simple, fun and effective for everyone and everything. That's the internet as it was meant to be we think. Now let’s start bidding...

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Contacting Get On Top

You may contact Get On Top by email at

Get On Top was initiated by Niels Perik from the 'Something new for a happy few b.v.' company. Chamber of Commerce: NL 81683537.

With love, from Oldenzaal.